Charles and Ray Eames

Nexclusives always has a selection of vintage Eames lounge chairs for sale. With over 100 sold Lounge chairs in the last two years it is safe to say we are one of the biggest (Vintage) resellers in Europe. Moreover we gained an enormous amount of expertise in one the biggest design icons in modern history. Please send us an inquiry if you need any specific type of lounge chair, and do not hesistate to ask for our current supply. 

EA Series

Aside from the Eames lounge chair we can also supply our clients with the full EA series of Eames. If its either Herman Miller or Vitra, both guarantee a timeless design and extraordinary quality. All the furniture gets thoroughly checked by our technicians.  Only give our clients the best 'vintage' quality items on the market.


Charles and Ray Eames are most famous for their iconic chairs, which transformed our idea of modern furniture, but this was merely one facet of their work. They were graphic and textile designers, architects and film-makers. If they’d confined their efforts to just one of these genres, we’d still be talking about them today. Yet they spread their talents far and wide, becoming two of the greatest designers of the 20th Century.

Eames design, Eames furniture, is about the natural world, expressed with less than natural materials. It’s a paradox, but a lovely and simple one, one with the ring of truth and beauty. The Eames didn’t remake the banana leaf as something different, or something better; they tried to express the banana leaf as simply, as modernly, as possible. The Eames furniture sees no need to overturn nature, or flout it, but rather sees an opportunity for integration. Even with modern and pre-fabricated materials, Eames furniture is harmonious, thoughtful, and natural. It fits with the curve of the earth, and resists the jagged intrusions of the modern world.


Charles and Ray Eames believed in the extraordinary power and beauty of the every day object. Their offices became famous for the thousands of slides they kept in drawers, prepped to be shown, and the seemingly simple photographs of seemingly simple objects revealed for what they could be, not what they are. Charles Eames referred to this phenomenon, often achieved by clever and illogical juxtaposition, “a new depth of vision.” These slide shows were exhibited at school, homes, offices, and lectures, and became the rallying point for all of the Eames furniture designs. The first Eames short films were born out of these depth visions: Charles saw a splash of soapy water on a schoolyard playground, heard Bach in his head, and produced the lovely Blacktop. Ray took the molded plywood splints they’d made for the Navy during WWII, and she made sculptures out of them.

Inspiration from the natural world, and material from the modern: a synthesis of ordinary beauty and extraordinary technology. The Eames design philosophy was generous, elegant, and had more layers than an onion.